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    Easy Approval Student Loans – What Are They And How To Get Them?

    Student Loans Approved

    Student loans are tailored to financial aid for students to meet their college education costs. It’s a primary financial assistance source for many students due to flexible repayment terms and a lower interest rate. 

    But what if you don’t have a high credit score? 

    Don’t panic. There are still easy-approved student loans for bad credit that can match your college financing costs. Indeed, lenders will help with private financing and federal student loans for students with low or bad credit that can help you afford a degree. 

    Federally Guaranteed Student Loans 

    FFELP loans are the most straightforward student loans to receive approval for. Although provided by private lenders, the federal government guarantees these loans. If the student defaults on the FFEL loan, the government purchases it from the lender. The government buys 97% of the principal balance and makes a collective payment of the loan’s administrative duties and collection.

    Moreover, the federal government issued subsidies to help lenders that gave FFEL loans. Doing so reduces the risk of private lenders, which provided student loans at a low cost. Federally guaranteed student loans include student loans like parent loans for undergraduate student loans (PLUS), consolidation, and Stafford loans. 

    On January 5th, 2010, the government officially ended the federally guaranteed student loans program. Yet, many loan programs are still working but are now being issued by the US Department of Education and not private lenders. 

    Borrowers who still have outstanding FFELP balances must repay the borrowed amount. If any student borrower fails to repay the loan, the government aids lenders by collecting the due loan balance. 

    Federal Alternatives To Guaranteed Approval Student Loans 

    Federal student loans are considered the best alternative for guaranteed approval for student loans. It’s by far the ideal student loan for bad credit borrowers. There are three types of federal student loans provided by the government:

    • Direct Subsidized Loans: Direct subsidized loans are available for undergraduate students who are seeking some financial help. The loan amount depends on the college the student is applying for and the amount can’t exceed the student’s total financial requirement. The current fixed rate of interest on direct subsidized loans is 3.4%
    • Direct Unsubsidized Loans: This kind of loan is issued to both graduate and undergraduate students searching for financial aid. Based on the total cost of attendance, the borrower’s university determines the loan amount. Any prior financial help received should be marked as deducted from the loan amount. The current fixed interest rate on direct unsubsidized loans is 7.6%
    • Direct PLUS Loans:

    Unlike the previous options, Direct PLUS loans are offered to guardians or parents of undergraduate students who are dependent on their families to make payments towards their degree, whether for graduate studies or pursuing a professional degree. Applicants need to have a good credit history with no defaults on any past loans. The current fixed interest rate on the PLUS loan is 7.9%

    Private Student Loans With Easy Approval Process 

    Easy-approval private student loans are yet another way students can meet their financial obligations for college. To access these loans, students need to have a cosigner with a healthy credit score.

    Easy Approval Private Student Loans for 2020 


    College Ave


    Sallie Mae 


    ✔ Best for refinancing

    ✔ Best for flexible repayment options

    ✔ Best for graduate students

    ✔ Best for students with cosigners

    ✔ Best for comparing student loan offers

    ✔ Refinancing up to $500,000 in student loans

    ✔ Wide range of terms and repayment structures 

    ✔ 0.25% discount for autopay registration and 0.125% additional discount for SoFi members

    ✔ No maximum loan amount limit 

    ✔ Minimum of 8 lenders to compare offers

    ✔ Fixed APRs at 2.83% and variable APR at 4.05%

    ✔ Fixed APRs from 3.49 – 12.99 and variable APRs ranging between 1.09 – 11.98% 

    ✔ Fixed APRs between 4.23 – 11.26% and variable APRs ranging from 1.88 – 11.66% 

    ✔ Fixed APRs from 4.25 – 12.35% and variable APRs ranging between 1.25 – 11.10% 

    ✔ Fixed APRs from 3.49 – 14.50% and variable APRs ranging between 1.09 – 12.98%

    Private Student Loans With No Credit Check 

    Many private lenders hesitate to offer easy approval of student loans to borrowers without any credit checks to reduce their risk. They often don’t underwrite loans for students with poor credit or no cosigner. Moreover, borrowers who end up qualifying for such loans end up paying higher interest rates. 

    Some of the private lenders that provide student loans without a credit check include: 

    • Ascent Private Student Loan 
    • Funding U Private Student Loan 
    • A.M. Money Private Student Loan 
    • MPOWER Private Student Loan 
    Provider Site
    • Loan options based on future income
    • No need for US credit score

    Easy-Approval Private Student Loans

    Ascent Private Student Loan

    Funding U Private Student Loan

    A. M. Money Private Student Loan 

    MPOWER Private Student Loan

    Non-cosigned loans

    Non-cosigned loans

    Affordable loans without credit score and cosigner

    Non-cosigned student loans

    Flexible repayments

    Fixed rates and no extra fees

    Flexible income-based repayments

    24 months forbearance

    Covers up to 100% cost of attendance

    No credit score required

    Fixed rates benchmarked to federal PLUS loan rates

    Dedicated student loan advisors for every borrower


    In most cases, student loans with no credit checks require a co-signer, as lenders need to secure their funds. The co-signer is entirely liable to share the responsibility of repaying financial obligations. To obtain such a loan, students need to fill out a FAFSA application form and supply the required documents, after which they’re eligible to receive scholarships and grants that don’t demand repayment.

    Bottom Line

    Although there are currently no guaranteed-approval student loans available, other easy student loans to get approved can help cover educational costs partially or in full, depending on the opportunity. The best way to choose the right student loan is to thoroughly compare the applicable lenders, along with their accompanying loan rates, terms, and discounts.

    Students also need to focus on the features of the loans, including, for example, repayment, loan limits, deferment policies, forbearance, and cosigner releases to ensure the most affordable and flexible option is chosen.