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    These Podcasts Highlight Creative Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans

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    A college education is more expensive than ever before. With over $1.6 trillion in debt, pending student loans are impacting many students as well as the economy. 

    Fortunately, some student loan debt podcasts are designed to give borrowers a clear view of their net worth along with useful tips for managing savings accounts with other investments. Their goal is simple: helping you pay off student loans while pursuing financial independence. 

    Student Loan Podcast

    The Student Loan Planner is hosted by Travis Hornsby. The podcast was founded in 2016 after he was able to help his wife and her friends figure out ways to get rid of their six-figure college debt. 

    The podcasts are insightful regardless of how much you owe. However, it is especially beneficial for those borrowers who owe more than $50,000 in student loans and for those who have complex repayment plans. Travis and his team offer in-depth guidance on better managing your savings and paying off debts by creating custom plans based on your financial status. In addition, they also help you connect with private lenders for refinancing your existing loans at lower rates. 

    The College Investor Audio Show

    The College Investor podcast is a daily audio show that discusses a variety of topics related to millennial money management including student loan debt, investing, earning more money, and much more. 

    Robert Farrington, the founder of College Investor, delivers easy to digest audio guides which coach students about starting side hustles and earning extra money to achieve their financial goals instead of cutting expenses and living on compromises. Most of the podcasts are the existing blog contents transformed into short and snappy audios, ranging between four to seven minutes.

    #Millennial: Pretend Adulting, Real Talk

    #Millennial is an independent podcast hosted by Megan Tan. The show focuses on helping people in their 20s to handle the transition between college life and work. Most of the episodes are autobiographical and include direct interviews with the people in Megan’s life, including her friends, family, and coworkers.

    The podcast series was started in 2015 to help young borrowers tackle the pressures of transitions, finding a suitable work-life balance, and effective ways of managing money. The podcast series has received several accolades on media outlets like Huffington Post, The Guardian, and BuzzFeed.


    Trevor Tam and Chasin Prather created the BagelBudsPod with an aim to educate young student loan borrowers on earning money through home ownership. Most of the podcasts revolve around the idea of maintaining a reasonable lifestyle without compromising long-term financial security.

    The podcast is aimed at helping student borrowers overcome student loan debts and prepare for tax challenges due to deficit government spending or declining pensions. It also helps solve corporate matching in retirement accounts and provides effective tips to combat financial hardship.

    Jill On Money With Jill Schlesinger

    On her podcast “Jill on Money”, Jill Schlesinger discusses controversial and sometimes uncomfortable issues related to money management and investing, minus the financial jargon. On the podcast itself, she takes calls and interviews guests to deliver insightful and actionable points on making the most of your money. 

    Jill, who has worked as a Wall Street trader, investment adviser, and also a money expert for CBS, conveys guidance that resonates with listeners. By following Jill’s pragmatic and easy to follow rules for financial management, you can easily save thousands of dollars and avoid countless sleepless nights.

    Borrowed Future

    Borrowed Future is hosted by Dave Ramsey, an eponymous speaker and finance author. This podcast series discusses the myths we believe about college and examines the growing cost of education and the fraudulent nature of the student loan industry.

    One noticeable distinction between his delivery and other financial shows is that Ramsey attempts to go beyond statistical mechanics and guide his callers on an emotional and spiritual basis. From getting rid of college loan debts to deciding if a college is even the right choice, this podcast covers almost everything.

    Bottom Line

    Millions of current students and graduates are facing the burden of student loan debt which continues to grow every year. By choosing the best podcasts, you gain access to helpful guidance and advice for paying back your student loans while preparing your financially. 

    These podcasts also share tips for refinancing student loan debt and effective money management. By listening to these podcasts, you will be able to make better financial decisions and avoid late payments as well as avoid loan defaults. Tune in to these student loan podcasts so you can remain financially independent while clearing existing balances quickly.