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    What You Need to Take Care of Before Your First Semester at College

    Your first day at college is a day you’ll never forget and it’s definitely a day you’ll want to be prepared for in advance.

    With classes set to begin, a totally new environment to get accustomed to, and fellow students to meet and connect with, preparation is key. Here is a list of 9 tasks you’ll want to handle before your first semester at college.

    1- Learn the Campus

    Every university has a unique layout, and if you’re used to the compact size of most high schools, it will take some getting used to.

    Visit your campus ahead of time and spend some time exploring. You’ll want to locate the student admissions office, your classrooms, the library you’ll be using, and of course, the cafeteria and your new favorite coffee place.

    2- Check Your Class Schedule

    College classes can take some getting used to and knowing your schedule will help you adjust to college life.

    Make sure you know where each of your classes will take place, and if you’re not sure where the corresponding room is located, don’t hesitate to ask. That way, you’ll be ready to succeed and arrive on time from day one.

    3- Calculate Your College Expenses

    College expenses don’t end with tuition fees. Take a moment and write down all your expenses, including books, daily meals, and drinks, educational supplies and transportation costs.

    Once you know what your true monthly expenses are, you’ll be able to budget accordingly and focus your energy on forthcoming curriculums.

    4- Try To Get A Part-Time Job To Help Pay Expenses

    Speaking of expenses, there’s nothing like a part-time job to help you cover them.

    Many students work part-time, especially in their freshman and sophomore years, and the extra cash you earn will really be useful for paying school-related expenses and expanding your entertainment budget.

    5- Get The Necessary Supplies

    The first few days of college can be very busy and with classes starting soon you’ll want to have all your supplies on-hand before the semester begins.

    Buying supplies ahead of time gives you the chance to find great deals, especially online, and save money on essentials like pens, notebooks, and other stationery.

    6- Take Advantage Of The Orientation Days

    Orientation is there to help you hit the ground running - and it’s never a waste of time.

    You’ll learn more about your college, have the chance to participate in guided tours of the campus and libraries, and meet new friends during orientation. Don’t miss out!

    7- Learn To Use A Time Management Tool

    Being a college student means freedom and responsibility.  Accordingly, you’ll need to manage your time well to make the most of your college experience.

    Downloading a time management tool like Evernote or Google Keep and learning to use it from online tutorials is a great way to get organized (and get results) at college.

    8- Organize Your Means of Transportation

    If you plan to drive to school, you’ll need a parking permit. Be sure not to forget to leave the apartment or dorm room a little earlier so you can find parking on campus without having to circle around the parking lot for a long time.

    A bus pass is an ideal alternative to driving, and it’s good for the environment too. You’ll want to get a copy of the bus schedule so you’re not late for classes.

    9- Last But Not Least, Be Ready To Be Social

    College is a great place to meet friends for life. You’ll be taking classes with new people, meeting new friends at sports and cultural events, and socializing at college parties.

    Even if you weren’t that social at high school, it’s always good to get out there and make new friends. You never know how long or how special a new relationship could turn out to be.

    With all the excitement and hectic schedules that come with the first week of college, you’ll be glad you prepared in advance for the most exciting time of your life.

    By following the steps above, you’ll arrive prepared, confident and ready to have an unforgettable college experience.