Brazos Review: Loans for Students in Texas

Brazos has been around for 41 years, and in that time has funded over 2 million students, and over $30 billion in loans. Based in Texas, it still continues to provide its service to that state primarily.

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    Brazos is one of many student loan lenders, so how can you know if you should apply here or somewhere else for your financing? Read on to learn about what's available, and use this review to determine whether it’d be worthwhile taking out a loan here, or if there are better options out there.

    Why get a student loan from Brazos?

    Brazos has some useful options on student loans that may well appeal to you, and push you to take a loan with them. There’s the option to pay much more than you owe at any point without punishment, which isn’t that common, and means that if you come into more money than you were expecting to have, you can clear some of your loans and save yourself a decent chunk of interest payments.

    What student loans does Brazos offer?

    Brazos offers refinancing for student loans that you’ve already taken out, but only if you're from Texas. You can also take private parent student loans to cover undergraduate and graduate degree programs, but again, the borrower must live in Texas.

    Student loan refinancing information

    Texas residents can refinance a loan from anywhere in the states, regardless of where they attended school, but you'll need a minimum credit score of 720.

    Fixed rates from: 

    2.70% - 4.49%
    Variable rates from: 1.93% - 4.85%
    Loan repayment terms:   5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 (years)
    Loan amount: $10,000 to $400,000
    Late fees:  5% of the monthly payment (max $35)
    Returned payment fee:  Not Stated
    Prepayment penalty:      None

    Private student loans

    Brazos does offer private student loans, but only to parents of students, and these parents will have to be residents of Texas. This will likely appeal to those whose children have run out of options for personal private student loans.

    More about rates and fees of Brazos’s loan options

    Here’s all the available information on Brazos’ costs: 

    Fixed rates from:

    Variable rates from:  2.89%
    Application fee:  None
    Origination fee: None
     Disbursement fee: None
    Late fee: 5% of the monthly payment (max $35)
    Returned payment fee: Not Stated
    Prepayment penalty:    None

    Brazos pros and cons


    • Low starting rates
    • Pay back more than you owe with no penalty


    • Only Texas parents can take out private loans, and only Texas residents can refinance loans

    How to apply for a Brazos student loan

    Application for refinancing is very simple, just follow the online instructions. Parent loans require both parties to be present.


    Brazos has some reasonable interest rates and appealing extra offers, but the stipulations for who can take out a loan are quite tight.

    For some much more flexible and accessible options, why not try Credible or College Ave? These lenders are both available nationwide and offer private loans to students as well as their parents, rather than exclusively to parents.