EDvestinU Private Studnet Loans Review

EDvestinU is one of many companies out there that can help you with either refinancing or taking out a new student loan. See if it has what you’re looking for today.

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    As a not-for-profit student loan program, EDvestinU is part of the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corp. It offers refinancing and private student loans nationwide, but its private loans have extra benefits for those in New Hampshire.

    Why get a student loan from EDvestinU?

    There are some attractive benefits of EDvestinU, such as the option to refinance your loan without a degree, and a fairly long deferment or forbearance period of 24 months.

    What student loans does EDvestinU offer?

    This lender offers its customers the ability to refinance a current student loan, or to take out a private student loan. These private loans can cover undergraduates and graduates who are US citizens or permanent residents, and also international students if they have an eligible co-signer.

    Student Loan Refinancing Information ( July 2020) 

    You can refinance your student loan even if you didn’t complete your degree, as long as you have a minimum income of $30,000 and a credit score of more than 700.

    Fixed rates from:3.91% - 6.28%
    Variable rates from:1.90% - 4.27%
    Loan repayment terms:5, 10, 15 or 20 (Years)
    Loan amount:$7,500 to $200,000

    Private student loans

    EDvestinU offers you the option to defer or forbear your student loan by up to 24 months, which is an especially long period. Those living or schooling in New Hampshire have access to student loan counselors and other in-person support; plus, a potential scholarship.

    More about rates and fees of EDvestinU’s loan options (July 2020)

    Borrowers do have some extra costs to consider when taking out a private student loan, so you should familiarize yourself with these before committing to anything.

    Fixed rates from:4.09% 
    Variable rates from:2.06%
    Application fee:None
    Origination fee:None
    Disbursement fee:None
    Late fee:5% of the monthly payment
    Returned payment fee:Not stated
    Prepayment penalty:None

    EDvestinU pros and cons


    • 24-month deferral or forbearance options
    • Refinance without finishing your degree


    • Quite low maximum loan amount with high requirements

    How to apply for an EDvestinU student loan

    If you’re eligible, you can head to the website and fill out the forms to see what rate you’ll receive. This doesn’t require a hard credit check, however


    The refinancing and private loan options at EDvestinU are reasonable, with a long optional deferral period and the ability to refinance your loan; even if you didn't graduate. Students in New Hampshire have some extra perks as well. However, there are quite high stipulations for credit scores and minimum earnings, especially on refinancing, so many may find that they’re not eligible, or it isn’t right for them.

    For options that are more lenient with what's required to take out or refinance a loan, try either Commonbond or Credible. These two lenders come highly recommended, offer free guidance from financial advisors. and provide social events for budding students across the nation.